Xolani Kacela, Author

Stop Anxiety In Its Tracks: 22 Hacks to Destress, Avoid Negativity, And Avoid Overthinking

Stop Anxiety In Its Tracks

Learn how to de-stress, get past negativity, and stop overthinking.

Stress and worry are the biggest causes of anxiety. Stop the continuous head noise. Stay present and keep your mind off things that don’t matter, and never will.

Learn how to create your own breakthrough of bad thinking.

Stop Anxiety In Its Tracks is a book that know how difficult life can be when you can stop stressing over every little detail or when you are overwhelmed with worry. Acclaimed author Xolani Kacela guides you through an in-depth understanding of the causes of anxiety and offers dtailed and proven hacks to help you restructure your thinking, and more importantly, your actions and mindset. What else? The book will provide you proven approaches to overcoming the negativity in your life.

Break free of unhelpful patterns and years of life-threatening conditioning.

Xolani Kacela was raised in a military and entreprenurial family. During his college years, he learned the power of mental re-conditioning. He never looked back. Over the years, he earned four degrees, including his Bachelors in Accounting from Morehouse College and his Ph.D. in Counseling from Texas Christian University.

Proven methods to live worry-free and lead a life filled with happiness.

-Mindfulness and the Anti-Anxiety Formula
-Person-Centered Therapy and Adopting a Therapist’s Mindset
-How to Create Instant Chill-The Power of Your Three Best Friends

Liberate your inner power and start living.

Stop negative self-talk and the negativity of others. Get a full night’s sleep by stopping ruminating thoughts. Rewire your brain to achieve more, feel healther, and unleash your inner power. Learn to live in the here and now.

Live a worry-free life and conquer stress and anxiety — BUY NOW.

Coming in July 2023.  Preorders are available NOW. Also available wherever you buy your books.

This book will captivate you with its relaxed writing style, which feels as though a friend is talking to you. It lays out 22 tactics that reduce anxiety so you reclaim your peace of mind. The chapters teach you to think clearly and live with calm emotions using research-based techniques. Importantly, the book proves that less anxiety means more happiness.

Well-written and designed for people who are busy and overwhelmed, it distinctly recognizes that one size does not fit all. You can “try on” the hacks and determine what best fits your personality. This approach immediately elevates your mental well-being and daily functioning so you live with confidence and serenity.